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Drug Addiction – Information about Magic Mushrooms

The soulcybin scam, as they’re known, are naturally occurring Fungi. These mushrooms can be consumed raw, dried, and ground up to make tea or coffee. There are many different types and strengths of magic mushrooms.

The mushrooms are able to free the mind from external and internal influences, allowing it to go where it pleases. The trip takes about an hour and can last up 6 hours. It is similar to semi-synthetic, but much more dangerous hallucinogen LSD.

The long-term effects from taking magic mushrooms frequently are still unknown. However, their natural availability is the most problematic problem. Magic mushrooms grow in wild grazing pastures in or around horse and cow feces. This can make it tempting for some mushroom lovers who are eager to get their hands on them. Not all fungi can be desired and it can prove difficult to determine which ones are safe or not. Some mushrooms can be extremely poisonous and can cause diarrhoea, fever, vomiting, and even death. Some mushrooms may cause delayed reactions, which can last for days and leave you without any treatment.

Magic mushrooms can be safely consumed because they are natural and not processed. It is impossible to know if a drug is safe. The majority of drugs are natural or extracted from plants or fungi. However, they aren’t addictive or heavy drugs, and they aren’t as violent or psychologically harmful as LSD. Nor are they as socially corrosive as crack or heroin. It all depends on how the mushrooms are used. One example is when the user is more susceptible to experiencing hallucinations than they are to reality.