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Leadership Training and Education: How Accountability Can Make You a Success!

Accountability is one those words that everyone has heard, but very few people really understand. We will discuss this because accountability is an important tool for women that, when used properly, can result in great success both at work and outside. It is particularly important for women in leadership positions to reap the benefits. Why/how? Come and visit our website search it on DISC Workshops you can learn more.

One thing I noticed as a successful coach in corporate leadership and management seminars is that female executives are more likely to be team players than they are to let others down. This is linked to being accountable. Although it is easy to make a self-imposed commitment, it can be quite different when you make one for another.

Manager Training & Development: What Accountability Says Regarding Your Character

The degree to which you are accountable can tell a lot of things about your personality. This is what was meant by my opening paragraph in which I mentioned the dissection of this phenomenon.

Let’s take an example of a person that doesn’t value accountability. What might be their personality traits? Unwillingness or unwillingness to accept blame; assigning blame and trying to pass responsibility are just three of the traits that come to my mind.

What would your reaction be if you were to give instructions on a project, but the deadline was missed, and this person was the leader of the team?

So-andso didn’t fulfill their obligations; that wasn’t part my job description; no one told me that I had to do it this way – and the excuses could continue.

Contrast this with someone who accepts accountability. What might their traits be? These are some of the traits that they might exhibit: They own mistakes; they take initiative to find solutions; they apologize when something goes wrong; and they work hard to keep their promises.

What could be their reaction to a missed deadline?

As the leader of the team, I assume full responsibility. How did I fail to lead the team correctly? And what can I do so it doesn’t happen again.

These people seem almost identical to each other, as you will see. You must remember that accountability is a reflection of your core character. It is not something you can just put on at work and abandon when you get home.